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Due to revised planning permission, we were able to be granted a temporary road closure for October 2008 - up Coombe Road from the start and along Oaks Road. Police will also be controlling major junctions enroute. In view of this we were able to resort to the previously preferred Start and Finish back at Lloyd Park Avenue.

Click here for full details (Oct 09) which was publically announced in the press and is posted on lamposts around the course.


Current Croydon 10k Course (Oct 1996 to Oct 2009) - this does not include Oct 06 and Oct 07 #

Due to the 3k course being amended slightly in parts (mainly the Start and Finish), it is currently not possible to compare records.


Historic Courses #

Due to having to move the Start and Finish location for October 2006 and October 2007 from Lloyd Park Avenue to the back of Lloyd Park - Mapledale Avenue Park Gate, separate records exist. The route remained the same except where the Start and Finish was located (Previous to Oct 2006 was about the half way mark).

Croydon 10k Course (October 2006 and October 2007 only)


Former Croydon 10k Course (Oct 1986 to April 1995)

Lexus Croydon 10k

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