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October 2008

Great event. Well organised, plenty of marshals, and good support at 6-7 km. Well done to all!

Grant Beerling

Another great croydon 10k day. Its just a real shame that its only once a year now. The bi annual races gave you something to focus on in the cold of winter.

The only odd thing i would say about today was the bizarre position of the finish...what was this designed to achieve. If anything it slowed me down a little. In future i would hope that it is re-positioned where the start was.

Anyhow...onwards and upwards as they say!! I am looking forward to next oct 09. Will definately run again. Very well organised and the marshalls were super as usual! Baggage area helped a good deal.

Thanks again chaps....but try to regain that twice yearly run again.

Any idea if you could put a croydon 10k race t-shirt together for next year. Ive been doing the race since 2005 and have asked each time. I need to show off my pride in running my local 10K...which is a great run!

Steve Rew

Had a great day yesterday,a very well organised event it was the second time i had run it and had a great time.the guy on the loud hailer was funny.

I would like to say a special thanks to the guys working in the baggage tent. see you next year.

Ross Andrew

This was my first 10k race which I thoroughly enjoyed and am now looking forward to entering another. Is there any chance of you holding one in April as you have in previous years?

Thanks to the friendly marshalls for their encouragement and the scouts for the very efficient baggage tent, much appreciated.

Lesley Bourke



October 2007

Thanks for a great event. You even provided perfect weather! The final climb up from the corner of Sandilands felt purely masochistic! However, I ran far better than I expected as I'd not done any training, so have spent all week feeling chuffed! And as I run locally I should be used to these hills.

A special thanks to the steward with the bike who was counting the passing runners and gave an update on my position as I crawled past.

Sue Stevens

My first ever race! Really enjoyed it, from start to finish (well, OK, maybe not on some of the hills...). It was a good well-marshalled route, everyone was very friendly, both the organisers and the runners, nice medal and got a PB as well! Thanks, will be back definitely.

Barry McKeown

Thanks to all involved. Great morning. First time I've run in a race for 12 years. Good to be back. See you next time.

Chris Kew

Just to say what a fabulous race we had yesterday. The weather was perfect and we managed to find somewhere to park at the top end of Grimwade Avenue, quite close to the start and finish. Please thank all the marshals for all their hard work, and for being so enthusiastic all the way round. Look forward to the next one.

Ian Metcalfe

Thanks to all involved in the Lexus Croydon 10K yesterday. It was really well organised and the marshalls were fantastic. I am glad it is back!
I am looking forward to the next Croydon 10k.

Sarah Milne


October 2005


It was a great event. I really enjoyed it. Thanks

Rosemary Miller

Good morning. Could you tell me when the race results for yesterday will be published, I ran and can't wait to find out my time and position! Congratulations on a fantastically organised event.

Daniel Salton

First time I have run the Croydon 10k and luckily for me the route is almost on my doorstep. I entered online just one week before the race and the race pack arrived a few days later. The event was very well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A challenging route - some tough hills but some lovely down hills too. I will definitely take part again - and tell my friends! Well done to Croydon Harriers and the Council.

Liz Grant

A very well organised run. Full marks to all who took part in organising the event. Somewhere to store your clothes safely, excellent marshalling - not only in directing runners but motivating runners too and well done for sending the timing car out so I could see with one and a half K to run that I was on schedule for a good time in my first ever 10K run.

Darren Webb

Hi there. Just wanted to say big thanks for today. I really enjoyed the run. It was well marshalled. No queues for toilets. Couldn't have been better. Can't wait till the next one. Didn't quite get a PB, but have had a cold for the last week so am letting myself off that one!!

Kath Way

Well done and many thanks. I really enjoyed the whole event. I came up from Hampshire as I wanted to be part of the 100 year Palace centenary event and as a keen runner I could not miss this one, and now I am glad I did it.
I have not run in Croydon since school days so this was a big day for me and lots of friendly runners and the Mayoress made it a good day!
I hope to be back next year.

Andrew Fishleigh

It was a really lovely day and i had a great run with my mate Sophie. It was both our first time at Croydon's 10k and I look forward to the next. It wasn't my best time but I finished with energy to spare which was nice

Paula Hooks

Great event. Well done to all the organisers, really enjoyed my run.

Only issue was that despite many requests a lot of slow runners started far too near the front and it was very difficult to get past them for the first 1km. I know this is a problem at most events but when you have a guy dressed as a carrot near the front....(Ed. Comment: Well done to the Carrot for having the great spirit of the event and for raising money for his charity ! We will better steward the lining up of runners next time along with signs showing expected finishing times)

Thanks for a great day.

Alan Swetman

Croydon Harriers, I was very impressed with your organisation.
The marshalls and people of Croydon cheered me on which I found very supportive.
As for your medal it is one of my favourites.
I am so pleased I did your race today as I was unsure whether to do the race, due to straining my right groin in last weeks Beckenham run (l0k).
I loved the warm up I only wish it could have been a bit longer. It was a brilliant idea to put your personal contents in a black bag identified with your running number.
The scouts did a fantastic job.

9/10 for your organisation. See you all next year!

Karen Samuel, Kent A.C.

Another fine day. Well organised and getting better and better. Well done Croydon Harriers!

Eric Gandhi

This race gets better and better organised each year. Thanks to all the marshalls and supporters.

Well done to all and looking forward to April.

Ian Campbell

It was my first time in the Croydon 10K and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well organised and there was a good turn out. I found having KM markers particularly helpful.
Thank you

Jonathan Burke

A well organised fun event. The announcer was excellent and the warm up beforehand was great. A beautiful day as well!

Rosemary Miller

It was a great run. The staff were excellent. I think there should have been better facilities afterwards like somewhere to sit down, more refreshments and I wanted to buy a t-shirt and couldn't find any!! (Ed. Comment: Apologies for not having event t-shirts for October. We very much wished to have a special t-shirt put together but ran out of time. This was posted on the website ten days before the event. We will certainly be expecting a t-shirt for next April. The facilities are building up compared to a couple or more years ago. We will be working on additional stands for April. I thought the refreshments was larger than usual. We will see if we can extend the range of food available. A place to sit down: you will seize up, although the free massage would help you out here. We will see what is possible).

Nicola Lowe

The event was better marshalled than previous years and the signs for each kilometre were great. The Presentation Ceremony was to be honest a complete shambles. Runners called up to the stage and kept waiting around whilst the correct awards were finally found and given to the right people. My wife won a spot prize which was I have to say Excellent. (Ed. Comment: I personally apologise for the way the presentations ran. It was not exactly smooth but overall people were happy to stay back to congratulate the winners and I thank all for their patience. This will certainly be improved on next April !)

Peter Shew

Excellent organisation which was matched by the weather. Really enjoyed the morning, a big thank you to everyone involved.

Jacqueline McMillan

Nice one. A really well organised day. This was my 3rd Croydon run and the organisation was excellent. Well done to everyone connected to this run. Keep to the finishing straight format.

Robert Hamilton

I really enjoy doing this run, I made a comment about the Palace tickets. Why did they only get given to the top 50, should have been top 25 men and top 25 women. No one form Palace was there which was very disappointing. (Ed. Comment: It was a nice gesture from Palace to provide complimentary tickets for winners. I agree it should have been the top 25 men and 25 women. Again the presentations will be very much tidied up in the actual presenting the prizes for next April. There were a number of Palace stewards who kindly assisted us with the marshalling of the course.)

Terrie Williams

Great event, have ran it three times now and a pb on Sunday

Q How can the ascent and descent be different on the course profile when the start and finish are at the same point??? (Ed. Comment: Well spotted and this had been observed from others but has only just been updated with an accurate profile. Thanks to Matt for emailing this to me).

Paul Budgen

Thank you for a very enjoyable morning. Helped by how well organised the event was run.
My first 10K run and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will definitely come along next April and hope to beat my time!

Julie Foster

Congratulations on a great day. The organisation on arrival, right through; the marshalling and the well organised baggage reclaim and facilities at the finish was first class. Myself and my club mates run a lot of races during the year, and your event is right up there with the best of them. I have now been fortunate enough to run two pb's on your course and look forward to competing in your event many times in the future. Once again many congratulations on the day, and keep up the good work

Jonathan Raper

I enjoyed myself although I did not do as well as I hoped. I even managed to win a spot prize, very nice thank you. I wanted to buy a T-shirt but could not see them anywhere. If you have the details where I can buy the T-shirt please let me know. (Ed. Comment: Sorry but there were no event t-shirts put together to be sold for this October. We will be putting together a special t-shirt for next April). My thanks to all those who organised, marshalled and helped to make it such a great race. You are all stars.

Victoria Legge

As a long distance runner for Croydon Harriers, I take part in every Croydon 10k that we hold.
Since I joined the Harriers in Oct 2004, including yesterday I have run in 4 Croydon 10ks, and I must say, this one by far, was the most enjoyable, well organised and fun day out of the 4 I've run.
So well done to all my peers at the Harriers (Martin Rowe, Mike Fleet etc), thank you to Lexus for sponsoring us, and thanks to Baz and the team at Runathon for the goody bags at the finish, I always love to see a bottle of water with the goody bags.

Also I think the chip timing was a good idea as well as the children's 3k race hopefully these two things can be successful and remain as something at every C10k in the future.

Thanks for a good day.

Terry Lapins

I had a great race thanks. I wondered why the race filtered onto the pavement so early, could this be changed in the future so to avoid congestion for us runners running up past Lloyds Park. It would only require the road to be closed for a little longer! (Ed. Comment: We were grateful for the Police in working with us by stopping the traffic up Coombe Road/Coombe Lane to clear most of the runners. Along Oaks Road had enough clearing behind the lead car. The other side of the road had some traffic coming down. We will review this for April).

Duncan Turner

Many thanks for an excellent race.

John Gannon

Well organised race, would have been a lot more enjoyable if flatter! I finished 6th and could not stay for the presentation; is it possible to still receive the tickets for Crystal Palace promised to the first 50 finishers? Thanks. (Ed. Comment: Sadly the prizes were awarded at the presentations).

Darren Talbot

A well organised event - looking forward to running again in April.

I have a query about the timing system. Are the times on the website based on gun time at the start and chip time at the finish? I have been given a time of 48:31 but recorded 48:03 on my watch - I would expect to be slightly out but not by half a minute! (Ed. Comment: There was a timing problem for a number of race numbers. The gun time was used instead. This will not occur again next April. Apologies for this).

Simon Tanner

Great race , very well organised but a little disappointed in the breakdown of the results. Ladies categories were listed as under 20 n, senior, v35,v45,v55 and v65. As a v45 runner myself I was interested in seeing where I was placed in my age category but was listed as a v35 I am sure I am not alone as I cannot believe no other v45 runners were running. Is it possible to let me know my position in that category? Thanks . (Ed. Comment: This was a fault when re-formatting the results for the website. This has now been corrected and V45 category is now shown).

Gail Arnott

I thought the event went well, and the marshalls were helpful and cheerful. Which is always nice to see.

John Foster

I would just like to say, how much I enjoy competing in this run. It's always well organised and the marshalls are very friendly. Many thanks to the organisers and marshalls who do a fine job.

I'm sad to say my last run will be in April next year as I'm going back to OZ.

Leanne Richmond

Hi Croydon 10K

Another excellent event, which I have now completed fourteen times. I'll be back for the fifteenth.

Thanks for everything and see you in April.

Ian Metcalfe

A thoroughly enjoyable breakfast time run. Cool crisp and clear with a great atmosphere!! Will definitely do it again in April!!

Steven Rew

Fantastic day.

Really professional. For me the digital timing / Lexus stand has brought the event up a notch - Well done to everyone.

Hugh Alexander

Another well organised race, very enjoyable, second time for me.

I wore my Garmin 301 and have attached an elevation profile for your website should you wish to use it! (Ed. Comment: Thanks Matt for the profile. This can be found under the Route Plan section of the website).


April 2005

Thoroughly enjoyed the event and thought it was very well organised. A few more hills than I had anticipated but I coped and was more than pleased with my end result. The medals were also great! Thanks to everyone who helped to organise the event and to the marshals who, as always, did a fantastic job.

Alison Lynn
Sutton, Surrey

It was my first time doing a Croydon run (my wife did a Race for Life around Lloyd Park some years ago) and I thought the atmosphere was very good. Lots of supporters and family and friends make a big difference and provide a buzz around the race.

Marshals were excellent also providing encouraging support.

Weather was great and the medal was superb for a local event. Great to see such a good turnout and people enjoying themselves (well at least when the crossed the finishing line)!!!!!!

Len Pursey

Beautiful day, lovely medal, and fantastic race well done to all the organisers and marshals, especially the two girls (on a corner) at around the 8k or 9k mark, they were very encouraging (especially as they had been there quite a while when I went past!).

Thank you to all involved in the organisation.

Charlie Burt

Our first 10k event. Great - well organized and a great morning. I'm sure we'll be doing more.

Thanks to all the organisers.

Stephanie Noyce

Well organised day. A bit slow at the start but that can't be helped. Loved the medal. Terrific value.

But (sorry there has to be one) can we please have water in bottles. Cups are a total waste of time, unless, of course, you want water round your face and down your front. (Ed. Comment: We were grateful to Nestle for providing the bottles of water at the end of the finish funnel and would be keen to increase this for water at the water station on route. However we feel this would increase the distance of where bottles are discarded further along the route. We will take this one up for discussion.)

I would definitely like to be back in October and again next year.

Thanks for all you efforts in organising the day.

Paul Davison

Dear all
Thank you for a well organised 10k run. I really underestimated the race and did struggle with the hills, but did find it even more rewarding when tumbling over the line, receiving a very pretty medal, water and sweets. The friendliness of all involved came as an extra bonus.
I try to be there next year by which time even I should be able to do the hills. Many thanks

Anna Allen

Just like to thank everyone who was involved in organising yesterday's run. What a great course! No hills to speak off and really supportive marshals, even for the back-markers like me.

Sue Garlick

Had a great day yesterday - any idea when the results will be online. (Ed. Comment: See Results Page - Now available) Thanks for organising a great event.

Joanne Muir-Little

Just wanted to say thanks for organising the event - very efficient, good fun and will be back next year...................good choccy buttons too. Chris Ratcliffe

Thanks very much for a very well organised and friendly event. Thoroughly enjoyed it and thought you put on an excellent event. Thanks again to the organisers and the marshals, who all did a superb job, with some welcome encouragement over the last few kms. Looking forward to the next one.

Mark Hendricks

This year's race was my first 10k after years of watching my son, Mathew running. Myself and my younger son Josh had a great day and were very pleased with our efforts ! The weather was glorious and we want to thank all the organisers, marshals and supporters - the event was well organised, as always, and I feel confident now to run more regularly and proud to have completed the course in a fairly respectable time.

Helen Hall

Well done on a wonderful event. The only criticism I have is for the traffic at the start of the course but I presume closing the road is a big issue?
(Ed. Comment: We are pursuing this for the October 2005 event due to the ever growingfield of runners)
Thanks for making my Sunday.

A.J Cotter

Thank you I enjoyed the event. The weather could have been cooler.

However, I am intrigued by the route profile on the web. Yes the route is undulating but I would expect a circular route to have the same rise and fall and not shown as the profile with a net gain in height. (Ed. Comment: The route profile showing height gained looks a little confusing. Will try and update this to make it clearer. It is meant to show how much height is gained and dropped at certain distances. It is not intended to show the current altitude at these points of the route)
I look forward to improving my time in October.

Philip Dee

It was my first ever run and I really enjoyed myself.
Just a couple of things that I think would of made it better was the goodie bag, which I didn't see any sign off and it would of been nice to have something for the supporters. (Ed. Comment: There was no mention of Goody bags this time, but we were pleased Nestle provided the bottles of water and a choccie goody at the end. We would hope everyone got one of these, although for some strange reason there was a shortage of water. This time round there was enough water for all finishers - I will investigate this why we had to resort in using a backup supply of water - Apologies for this !)
Being my first run I didn't really know what to expect with stuff for the kids etc, but there wasn't anything, I don't think I even saw a T shirt stall or any memento's for sale. (Ed. Comment: The event has dramatically changed over the last 2 and more years. We intend to further increase facilities whilst increasing the field of runners. As mentioned in Email updates and Information page were were unable to ask our usual supplier of the T-Shirts due to time and resource constraints. We are going to get a new design for October and T-Shirts will be on-sale again.)
Sorry to sound I don't mean to because I did really enjoy it and will definitely be entering the October event, but I think a few more stalls and it would make a lovely all day event, perhaps even a BBQ.
(Ed. Comment: Good idea - but we have to be careful when selling cooked food such as this at Public events. We will look into this one - thanks.)

Steve Court

Enjoyed the race and organisation was good! I would like to make the following suggestions:
1) Combine the 10k race and the fun run (Ed. comment: We are looking to make changes to this for October - Watch this space !)
2) Have pace markers at the start e.g. sub 50 mins,
sub 60 mins etc so people have an idea where to line
up. (Ed. Comment: Good idea. This is used more and more at larger events and we are pleased that the event is growing in popularity - so yes the start will be looked at in further detail for October. Number 1 above conicides in making 2 more possible)

The course was quite undulating and would have been
good to have a profile map..I believe this was only
put up in the few days prior to the race. (Ed. Comment: Yes, the profile map was a website addition)

Otherwise, thanks for a good race!


Thank you for all your help.
I just wanted to say what a brilliant web site the event has. My favourite has to be the Route Plan with its clickable photos, absolutely excellent.

See you in October

Kind Regards

Robin & Anne Wombill

Hi there. This was my first smaller race - I normally like to have safety in numbers! (ie, Nike 10k, Race for Life etc.), I felt relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Very good day and well organised. Couldn't believe that I didn't even have to queue for the loo or the baggage tent! Even though the course was hilly and I did find it a bit tough, I actually got a PB! (Ed. Comment: It's true - this has been mentioned by a number of runners over the years who found the same. A good course to improve your PB !) I was thrilled and even more so to get a medal at the end personally from the Mayor! Big thank you to the organisers, the scouts all the marshals and everyone who cheered us on and encouraged us - like to thank the person who called out "well done 73 and 74" as we came to the finish line - made us feel like winners! It was my husband's first race and he was also pleased with his time. So a big thank you to all concerned - see you in October.

Belinda and Garry Constable

The event was very enjoyable, although it would have been better if the
roads could have been closed so that we could run in the road...however
it was great, as far as I know there were no accidents and the car
drivers were very hospitable. (Ed. Comment: We are now looking into closing roads for the October event - not as straight forward as you may think, but will be looked into !) The marshals were very encouraging and even though it was a struggle
running up those inclines, just seeing their smiling faces and cheering
everyone on was inspiring to continue.


Sylvia Campbell

I just wanted to say I had a great time doing the fun run on Sunday and thought it was brilliantly organised!

I'm looking forward to the next one!



This was my first 10k run and I did it with my Brother who was also doing his first 10k. It exceeded our expectations and we really enjoyed ourselves (even though he beat me!).

The whole race was very well organised and we can't find any bad comments except the hills.

We look forward to running again in October when we can hopefully improve our times.

Well done!

Stephen Pond

Thanks for the great organisation on Sunday. The course was great, weather lovely and you got the results out really promptly. Thanks to all those who marshalled the course and to the scouts for all their hard work - much appreciated!
I will definitely be signing up for the race in October!

Abi Moran

Had a fab time running; greatly appreciated the loos, all the signs, the cheerful marshals, the two lots of water, the medal - and was even quite pleased with the result! Thank you to all those involved in organising and staging the event: it must be a lot of hard work.

Fiona Ferguson

October 2004

Thanks for a great race, excellent marshalls etc, even the weather was good. Will be back next time. Thanks.

Elizabeth Horner

Thanks for a well organised race this year,

Martin Corless

Dear Croydon 10k,

Just to say what a great event your 10k has developed into. I have been with you since the spring event
in 2002 and unfortunately missed out on this years spring event through injury. Anyway it is quite clear
that you are now very near what I would call a perfect event. I have been critical in the past about certain
things (Martin Rowe will know if he is still with you) like water stations.
One water station at 6k is fine as it is never a hot Summers day when we run in Croydon. The water at then
end, is now at the end of the funnel, which is perfect. You too have luggage storage which is great,
even though I don't need it.

The route is fairly flat'tish and should not be too big a problem for even joggers. I think your next problem
will be the numbers, as the event seems to get more and more popular, so the police might enforce a limit
on it. Maybe it has happened already.

I got a benchmark for my time as I pass my wife's Grand Mothers house on Radcliffe Road just before 7k
and it gives me an indication of how well I'm doing. My wife and I can too park there. What I do after the
event is to walk/jog back to the car for my lift home and I go against the tide of slower runners/joggers
and yes I enjoy their comments as they make me feel good (to a certain extent). As I have finished at that
point and obviously is carrying my medal, I get comments like: "That should not be allowed", "Oh, that is evil"
etc. A most enjoyable walk. No I did not do a 29 mins. run today, a bit slower at 42.50 which is OK after injury.

Anyway, your hard work has paid off, your event is now flawless. Well done and see you in the spring 2005
for another run round Lloyd Park.

Med venlig hilsen / With kind regards

Keld Orum - Petersen

Dear Croydon 10K,
Thank you for a fantastically organised race/run - I'm so glad you managed to keep the rain off!
My son Harry (number 172) finished in just under 66 minutes. Was this a course record for an under 12?

Andrew Forrester (The Carrot)

Thanks for a well organised and great event yesterday. Glad the rain kept away and really enjoyed my first 10K. I will be back for the next one.

Simon Tidman

Dear Organisers

I would just like to compliment you on once again arranging an excellent run
race this Sunday. See you in April.


Daphne Company

My daughter and I enjoyed the 10k challenge and were very pleased to receive our medals however we were very disappointed that we did not get Goody Bags as was mentioned on the entry form.

Sara Abbas


I'm sorry for bothering you with this boring question (which I'm sure others have asked as well!), but do you have any indication of when the results from last Sunday will be available on the net?

Other than that - thanks to everyone involved with organising the race for making my first race such an enjoyable experience - I'll be running again next April!


Mike "420" Knell

I have done a few of these races over the last years and although not my best time I thought it was one of the most enjoyable. There was big field and it was nice to see quite a few spectators at one point. It was also good to have the changing rooms open for once.

Keep up the good work

Steve Edward

What a lovely course!! 10k route I've done for ages.....certainly doing it again in April and getting more runners from Orpington Road Runners involved.....

Tracey Johnstone

Hello Martin,

Thank you so much. What a service. I've printed out a couple of A4 copies and the picture of Bill, Mike and I are really good.

I look forward to seeing you in April.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Robin Wombill

April 2004

Thank you to all at Croydon Harriers and the Rotary for an excellent race. Although I was disappointed with my time, you couldn't control the wind! Anyway, it didnt stop Lee Troop. Looking forward to the next one.


Jo Quantrill (SLH)

Completed my first ever 10k run but very upset that not all medals were engraved. Do you have any that are as i wouyld like one in place of my blank one .
apart from this very well done (Ed. Comment: All medals are now engraved)

Stuart Reid

Very well organised event. Well done to all who helped organise it for all for their effort. Most enjoyable morning. And Thank You.

Rosa May

Always nice to take part in a well marshalled, well signposted race.

Frank Parr

Hi Martin
Just wanted to say what a triumph it was yesterday. Everyone seemed to have a great time - we all certainly did. Thank you.

Also unsolicited feedback last night from Troop and McCallum camps was of how much the occasion had been enjoyed.

I thought later on, that really there was hardly anything we could suggest to improve which shows how much progress you have made.

Nicola (& Mike) Fleet


I ran in the Croydon 10K on 4th April, 2004. I'd just like to pass on my thanks for a well organised race.

I originally planned to run in the Woking 10K, but it was cancelled due to last minute road works. As soon as I discovered this, I logged on to . I was looking for a 10K race in or around London on 4th April that I could enter online. So, I entered your race and was very happy to receive my racing pack within a few days even though I entered very close to your postal deadline.

From my perspective, I thought the day went very smoothly allowing me to enjoy the race. So, thank you to all the organisers of the race and those who helped out. Special thanks also to all the race marshals for doing what might be considered a thankless task. Please let them know I appreciated their work as well as their encouragement to the runners (even though the look on my face may have been one of discomfort as I pushed myself faster).

I am returning home to Australia at the end of April, so I am unlikely to be able to enter your next race. However, I hope my next trip to the UK does coincide with one of your races.


Richard Cooper

Great run,a very well organised event. Will be back again next year.

Mandy Lowry

Well done Karen!!....and Debbie. KEEP IT UP. The marathon is next

Kelsie Bufton

Congratulations on a organised and attended event. All my team who attended (there were eventually 10 of us) really enjoyed the day most of who want to do it again in October. I think the last few were a bit disappointed that their medals weren't engraved with the event details but it will probably spur them on to completing the track in record time (well relative to Sunday).

Once Again, Well Done!

Tunde Awofolaju

October 2003


I have now done your event four times and normally enjoys it, but a big cloud still hangs over it.

Someting else that is worth mentioning is you kilometer markers. I did not notice any at all on the route, but when driving away from the event I spotted the 7k marker on Radcliffe Road. So why had I not spotted it earlier. The colour is not appropriate,how about simple black/white and not yellow/black which melts in with
surroundings and other normal road signs. All the left/right signs were fine as they got
noticed and the level of marshalling too was fine I have to say. (Ed. Comment: New km signs were introduced and placed at each km position. These advanced signs were designed by Datatel Networks and have been used for April and October 2004 events)

One big plus is emails to competitors I have to say, it saves paper and keep us informed.

Otherwise a good event but I would not give you more then 6 - 7 out of 10 for it as a few annoying things makes it less perfect. I hope to be back again as the route is great.
It is one of the fastest that I take part in over the year among 10ks and 1/2 Marathons. (Ed. Comment: See October 2004 Feedback)

Anyway keep working on it !

Med venlig hilsen / With kind regards

Keld Orum - Petersen


I ran the 10k race yesterday and enjoyed the event and atmosphere. I also beat my PB by about 2 mins (which i need to check when the results are out).

I just thought i would congratulate all those people who organised and over saw the smooth running of a really well organised and exicuted race.

Thank you on behalf of myself and all the other runners who i am sure feel the same way.

Robin Plowman


I ran the 10k race yesterday and enjoyed the event and atmosphere. I also beat my PB by about 2 mins (which i need to check when the results are out).

I just thought i would congratulate all those people who organised and over saw the smooth running of a really well organised and exicuted race.

Thank you on behalf of myself and all the other runners who i am sure feel the same way.

I just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable and extremely well organised event yesterday. My only comment would be - could you please have bigger distance signs as they're very easy to miss!

Many thanks,

Cathryn Tracy

Very well organised again, thanks to all involved.

When can we see the results please? Will they appear on this website or another one?

Thank you.

Alexa Mitchell

Thanks for the reply Martin.

Thanks also for your part in organising the event. I enjoyed the run and was particularly impressed by the aerobics type warm up before hand which I've never seen before at an event!

Best wishes

Richard Baker


Thank you for your very positive and honest email. Yes it is easy to criticise but then there is
constructive criticism which I hope you take my comments as. I too have taken part in many
road races over the years and have seen good and bad organised events. You are not bad but
still got some way to go. Actually I'm doing my 25th 1/2 Marathon tomorrow at Barns Green in
Sussex. I am pleased that you have taken my comments about water and kilometer signs to you
and hopefully can improve on it from now on. I still like your route very much and there is a good
chance that I will be there at your next event in April 2004.

At least I have to say that your event starts on time which has not been the case for Reading
1/2 M the last two years where I have had the pleasure of taking part. Each time the event have
been 45 mins. delayed and that is very counter productive as it is in March where you know it
can be very chilly. Getting your self ready through warm up only to be told that you have to wait
another 45 mins is like a cold bucket of ice water. Needless to say that event is off my list for next
year. Yours is most certainly on it. After tomorrow I will be up to 7 1/2 Marathons this year, next year
will se a cut to 4 or 5, but still a few 10k.

A question here at the end. Your event or events is very unique as there are two every year which
is the only one of its kind to my knowledge, simply have not come across it before. Why do you
do it twice a year may I ask?. I applaud it as I'm a big fan of your route.

I hope to meet you in person next April when we do the next event. I will be looking for you.

Thanks again.

Med venlig hilsen / With kind regards

Keld Orum - Petersen

My husband Nick ran Octobers' race and won the spot prize of a meal for two at Coombe Lodge. We went last Friday and had a really superb meal. Food was excellent as was the service, so thanks again for a top prize.

Alexa Mitchell


I will be away in Los Angeles from the end of January to the end of February, but I will definitely want to take part in the 10K. Please mail me an entry form, which I will return as soon as I get back.


Ian Metcalfe

April 2003

I thought that the race was well organised. I was there at 8.30am and the organising was well under way. Well done to all.

One minor improvement would be to make the KM markers in a different colour as they blended in with the other direction markers and I missed two of them. Or maybe I need glasses!!!

Ian Campbell

Very good marshalling at this years run, and good that marshals were very encouraging as well as pointing out the route. Always makes a difference.
Top medal too!
Many thanks.

Alexa Mitchell

Thanks for a good run and organised event just a thought maybe some free water should be offered at the end of the race

Stephen Massey

The Croydon 10K on 6th April was my first ever run in an organised event and so I wasn't really sure what to expect at all!!! I cannot thank you enough for making the event so easy for me as a first timer. Please say a big thankyou to the marshalls for being so happy and encouraging even though they'd already seen loads of people before me - that really helped.

I guess there's a kind of 'running speak' so in the future when I read a course description that says 'undulating' I'll know it means mainly uphill.........or maybe it just felt that way

Thanks again, and I hope that all the future events I go to are as well organised as yours was.

Matt Chitty

Thanks for the update - I didn't know there was a website so it was good to see all the photos. I organise most of the races for South London Harriers so I know how much goes into an event - the race was well organised and
especially well marshalled. I do like the website!

Richard Carter

Just wanted to say thank you to the organisers and everyone who helped out at the race which was useful benchmark for my training for the Edinburgh Marathon. I'm very proud of my medal!

I'm sad to say - the truly awful state of the loos at the start, totally unhygienic and disgusting. Any chance of some portaloos next time?! Failing that perhaps the Scouts could gen up on BP's 'Scouting For Boys' and dig us a couple of latrines! (Ed. Comment: More toilet facilities have been brought in. The afore-mentioned Council toilet block is a public, Park utility which the orgnisers do not advertise it's presence. Portaloos and the main building toilets are provided)
Thanks once again and looking forward to the next event

Matt Sinha

Thanks for the info.

I enjoyed the event and will be back next year

Alan Costar

October 2002

Thanks for putting on the run today - 6th April 2003. My only suggestion would be that you try and iron out some of the hills if possible - leave in the downward ones but remove the upward bits. Thanks to the marshalls and the scouts at the water stop - much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Mandy Brown (26.2 RRC.)


April 2002

First let me say I thoroughly enjoyed the run, on what can be described as an undulating course.

The bagged up clothes orgainisation is the first I have come across in my short time as a 10K runner and think it is a great idea.

The water stop was most welcomed and now look forward to the official results.

Thanks again to those who organised and helped!

Stuart Thomas
(a runner since June)

Enjoyed the race despite the cold. Even though I have completed the course many times before, I would have preferred distance markers. Otherwise well organised and marshalled.

Cliff Hide


Lexus Croydon 10k

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