Photo Albums - October 2003 - Part 2

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Croydon 10k Photos - October 2003
(Kindly taken & contributed by Ian Gillett)

Donna Fraser

Talking Tactics

Addiscombe club member

Trevor Williams in full flow

Warm-up in Full Flow

Warming Up

Warming Up

All in time !

Warming Up

Ian Robinson

Taking the Lead

Carlos Posso


Donna Fraser and
David Robertson

Harriers on their way


Bill Fraser & Julian Dillow in deep concentration



Mark Elsworthy

Harriers Break Away





Start - Onlookers


7.2km Stage - Jon McCallum

7.2km Stage - Robbie Powell

7.2km Stage - Donald Kayum

7.2km Stage
Paul Mitchell

7.2km Stage - Gerard Crispie

7.2km Stage
Tony Sheppard

7.2km Stage
Bill Fraser

7.2km Stage - David Winning (well, 10th Senior Man to cross the line)

7.2km Stage
Mark Speed or Martin Burke

7.2km Stage
Ben Fancourt

7.2km Stage
Steve Brett

7.2km Stage
Eric Crane

7.2km Stage
Paul Oates and Andrew Lawes

7.2km Stage
Paul Whiston

7.2km Stage
Gill O'Connor
(First Lady Home

7.2km Stage
Damien Macenhill

7.2km Stage
Kris Shaw

7.2km Stage
Matthew Cox

7.2km Stage
Gary Cook

7.2km Stage
Ian Ketchin

7.2km Stage
Jeff Thwaites

Victor Maughn finishes in 2nd Place

Robbie Powell Crosses Line in 3rd Place

Gill O'Connor - First Lady Home

Marie Johnston

Steve Hockley

Steve Edwards

Trevor Williams

Terry Avey

Robbie chats with Mark

Stephen Chandler

Tony Merola

Alan Purchase

Tony Whitman

Patrick Murphy

Anthony Lennox

David Carton

Serna Spacey

Richard Gibbens

James Carr and Richard Gibbens fast on James' Heels

Fiona McCallum, Kevin Hann and Melanie Burdett

Fiona McCallum

and again... on the Home Straight

Emma Haillay

James Rebbeck

David Goodall

Peter Lill

John Hopkin

Penny Worrall

Alan Springett stays in rythmn

Stuart Lill

Dave and Sophie Shaw

Thanks again to Ian Gillett who provided us with these great photos !

Lexus Croydon 10k

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